If you have any more question please feel free to write it down 

Five Stars Animation will provide you with full accommodation board in side the hotel which you will be working in, including 3 meals per day in the main restaurant of the hotel 

Do i need to pay for my accommodation ? 

Your passports stay in the Hr Department with Five Stars Animation to sort out all embassy needs and when you finish your contract you will get your passport back

Why i have to keep my passport with the company?

What if i didn't find myself in the Job?

What if i didn't find myself in the Job?

If you didn't find your self in the job or you would like to quit you have to options, first option to give five Stars Animation one month notice and after this month you can quit and the another option is to pay the fees of 400$ and then you can quit  immediately 

What if i didn't find myself in the Job?

You will get paid of each month cash in hand on the day 15th till 16th of each month 

How & When Do i Get paid ?

Take it easy mate, sometimes it happens , you have to change the plan at the last minute and it might be the hotel which you will going is better than the another hotel you have been told , but any way you are working with a company which is providing lots of hotels so you might be changing from your hotel to any hotel in the company. 

What if you have been told that you will go to a hotel then you find your self going to another hotel ?

ohh, Finally you have arrived after long travel from your home town and you still what you will do when you will arrive ,don't worry we take care about it , By your arrival will be someone from our Administration will be waiting you to pick you up to the hotel which you will be working in , and for any case happen for you simply give a call or text for our Staff Support Office +201154742744

What will happen when i will arrive at Sharm El Sheikh airport ?

Application fees is a fees must be paid for you application when you been accepted  , you pay it via your Paypal account and after receiving the payment your application start to move to the next step

What Is Application Fees?

when you receive a uniform from Five Stars Animation on your receiving receipt you will find out that any losing or damage item it will be under your own responsibility you must deliver it back to the company as your received and if any thing happened to it you will have to charged with amount which you agreed for it 

What will happen if i lost or damage my uniform ?

Well Egypt knows as in summer its very hot so all you need to bring if you joining in the summer season , lots of summer shorts and t-shirts as in Sharm El Sheikh in summer the weather is very cold , and if you joining in the winter season you have to bring heavy closes with you because in Sharm el sheikh in the winter its seems to be very cold but not to much cold as its in Europe 

and in both cases Five Stars Animation Will Provide you with the day time uniform and the night time uniform 

What do i need to bring with me while i am coming to Egypt ?

Simply If you chosen 3 or 4 Month Contract You will not take to much benefit as when you chose a 6 Month Contract , on the 6 month contract you will get by the end of the contract the amount of 250$ as an expenses for your flight ticket home 

To Read The Contract & Rules Press Here 

For How long i have to chose my contract ?

  • All you need to do is just submit our application form and one from our online marketing team will contact you soon as possible

What Do I Need To Start Work With Five Stars Animation ?